National programme

At the international primary school Cracow International School, students follow the Polish core curriculum specified by the Ministry of National Education, including schools with international branches, the content of which is integrated with the Cambridge Program. During the first years of primary school (I-III), students acquire knowledge and skills during integrated educational classes combining content from various fields, and in the following years (from the 4th grade) they start subject-based learning.

In grades 4-8, Polish citizens take classes in the Polish language, geography and history of Poland in accordance with the Polish core curriculum. The remaining subjects are integrated with the Cambridge Program. Some subjects, such as mathematics, are covered more broadly, in line with the Cambridge Programme.

Foreign students learn Polish as a foreign language as part of the implementation of the Polish core curriculum.

From grade 7, all students are being prepared for the 8th grade exam as part of dedicated classes.

After completing each class at the bilingual primary school Cracow International School, students receive Polish certificates in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education regarding the documentation of the teaching course. Moreover, after completing each Stage of Cambridge programmes, students receive a certificate of completion.