Polish Maturity Exam

A study cycle at ‘Cracow International School’ Non-Public Bilingual High School is:

  • 3 years – for students who completed middle schools,
  • 4 years – for students who completed an 8 years long primary school,
  • 3 or 4 years – for international students, decided upon individually on the basis of previous education.

Students of Cracow International School high school can choose the type of final exam they want to take. They may choose to take only Polish final exams, to take only Cambridge final exams, to take both types of exams, or to follow full AICE Diploma programme. The following subjects are obligatory for students taking Polish maturity exam in a 3 years long cycle:

  • three subjects on a basic level (Polish, Maths, a modern foreign language),
  • at least on subject on an extended level (or bilingually – in case of a foreign language)

Thanks to following a blended curriculum Cracow International School international High School provides students with an opportunity to fully prepare for Polish maturity exam, and to supplement this with Cambridge programme at the same time. Bilingual education brings benefits in terms of preparing for an exam in English a tan extended or bilingual level.

If you decide to take exams within the so-called „Polish matura”, during your education process you will develop your communication competence in English at the same time. You can also take the exam in English at a bilingual level. High results in Polish maturity exam will allow you to study at prestigious universities in Poland, as well as universities offering specialist courses.