In the Cracow International School kindergarten, children learn English intensively in the most effective way – through natural situational contexts (language immersion). The pupils experience bilingual education every day – each group has two teachers, a Polish-speaking one and an English-speaking one. Thanks to this solution, children have constant contact with both Polish and English throughout their stay in the kindergarten. Thus, they develop not only their communication skills, but first of all linguistic skills – they listen to a foreign language, acquire and strengthen new vocabulary, but above all they learn to actively use language in real contexts. The necessity to communicate with a teacher who does not speak the mother tongue of a child encourages students to break the language barrier very quickly and begin to communicate freely in English or Polish. Learning a foreign language is additionally supported by the implementation of the Jolly Phonics programme, which is based on attractive and age-adapted phonetic exercises. The oldest pupils of kindergarten attending grade 0 begin also the implementation of the world recognized Cambridge Programme in the field of English and other subjects. This programme is continued at the primary education stage at Cracow International School.