The entire enrollment process takes place online. The first step is filling out the application form on our website. After we receive the form, we will reach out to you with information on our facility as well as with a request for the school reports from the previous grades. Then, the student will be invited to the enrollment test that verifies their level of English. If the enrollment decision is positive, we will ask you to fill out two forms that will enable us to prepare education documents. Once the documents are signed and the enrollment fee is paid, your child officially becomes a part of our community.

Each candidate should provide us with a diploma from the last finished grade and any exam certificates. Documents can be either in Polish or English. If the document is in any other language, we kindly ask you to translate it. It does not have to be officialy translated but the original should be attached.

The cost of tuition depends on the grade and chosen mode.
For detailed information contact us at info@cischool.edu.pl.


Uniform and books are not included in the tuition fee. Additionally, if the student chooses the Cambridge Pathway, additional subjects are extra-paid. Pricing differs as it depends on the amount of students and lessons.

Parents can request for 10% discount if they enroll more than one child in Cracow International School.
For the third child, there is a 15% discount on the tuition fee.

Parents can apply for the scholarship on the basis of documents proving their poor financial situation. More information about the scholarship can be found here.

The enrollment fee should be paid on the day you sign the education agreement.
The education fee is paid in 10 monthly instalments by the 10th day of each month.

No, the school does not provide a means of transport.

The beginning and end of the school year take place in accordance with the calendar of the Polish Ministry of Education and Science. The end of the school year for the last grade is in April.

Usually the groups consist of 22 students.

All lessons are taught in English apart from the polish language lessons.

It is not obligatory for a child to know the polish language.

At the moment our school has a Students' Council and the Charity Space.

Our school celebrates so called "official Mondays", on these days students can come to school wearing a school uniform, however, it is not obligatory. Wearing the uniform is required during official outings such as trips to theatre, etc. The basic uniform consists of a jacket and costs around 350PLN.

Additionally, parents can buy everyday clothes with the school logo, such as polo shirts, sweatshirts, etc. The purchase is made via the website www.mark-mundurki.pl. 

Details for logging in and purchasing school uniforms are provided to parents after signing the education contract.

When it comes to meals, students have three options: school catering, catering Ślimak that comes every day on a long break 12:00 - 13:00 and brings sandwiches and other lunch meals, or students can bring their own food.

It depends on the mode, typically around 2-3 hours a week.