Cracow International School, has open enrollment for 2024/2025 for first grades and supplementary recruitment for higher grades, subject to availability of places.

  • Stages 1-9 of Cambridge Primary programme, corresponding to grades 0-8 of the Polish National Curriculum.

Enrollment to bilingual primary school is open throughout the school year, provided that there are places available in the groups. The maximum amount of students in each group is 20.

Documents required upon enrollment to bilingual primary school:

In case of students enrolling to Stage 2, corresponding to grade 1, the following documents need to be delivered:

  • School readiness certificate

In case of students enrolling to Stage 3 and higher, corresponding to grade 2 and higher, the following documents need to be delivered:

  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • For students of Polish schools: A document confirming that the student has completed a grade which directly precedes the grade they are enrolling to
  • For students from abroad or from international schools that do not follow Polish core curriculum, it can be a grade completion certificate, a report, or another document stating what marks the student obtained and what the level of the student’s skills was. Students from abroad are assigned to a stage along with separate regulations.

Students joining Bilingual Cracow International School during the school year may be invited to take part in a trial period or skills diagnosis in order to provide parents with comprehensive feedback regarding the enrollment process.

Application for the school can be made by filling in the following form:

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