At ‘Cracow International School’ Non-Public Bilingual High School, first year students follow a blended curriculum in terms of the leading subjects.  This means Cambridge programme (AS level – basic) and Polish National Curriculum are merged. Such a solution allows students to prepare fully for Polish maturity exam as well as for Cambridge A-levels exams.

What comes next?

In the next years, you can choose the subjects and subject areas you are going to explore during your preparations for the final (maturity) exam. If you choose to learn a given subject on AS level, you can later continue it on A level.

Except for all compulsory subjects resulting from Polish National Curriculum, we will give you an opportunity to learn subjects of your choice from the list below*. You can take A-level or AS-level exam within the following subjects:

  • psychology
  • design & technology
  • art & design
  • busines
  • economy
  • law
  • sociology
  • classical studies
  • food studies
  • music
  • foreign languages

* Doing a subject from the above list is extra-paid and may depend on the number of participants and organizational matters. 

Cambridge syllabuses develop deep analytical skills within a subject, as well as encourage independent thinking and analysis. They prepare students for future education on an academic level within a wide range of studies, including scientific, humanistic, or arts studies. This is why they are appreciated and internationally recognized by many prestigious universities all over the world.

As a student of ‘Cracow International School’ Non-Public Bilingual High School you will also participate in workshops and project classes within Global Perspectives, which focus on global issues and matters connected to the dynamically developing world.