Teaching methods

The teaching and working methods we use are aimed at shaping students’ responsibility for their educational process and attitudes related to research and scientific independence. From the first days at school, students are encouraged to take steps to organize and structure their work. Teachers make demands, give students support and point out tools they can use in the process of acquiring knowledge and skills.    

The methods of work are adapted to the requirements of the school’s curricula. The realization of the Cambridge program and the Polish core curriculum is facilitated by:  

  • using equipped scientific facilities (including: biological-chemical, mathematical, physical, computer science),  
  • participating in experiments and scientific experiments at school and universities, working with academics and universities, field, exercise and lecture classes. 

Although high school education is a time of forming research independence, individual study and exploration, at Non-Public High School Cracow International School you will receive full support from teachers through consultations, on-call and optional classes, as well as the opportunity to use the school’s academic and research facilities.