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Cambridge Programme

Cracow International School follows Cambridge Primary programme, addressed to children between the age of 5 and 11. Cambridge Primary offers international education developing students’ overall skills, as well as enhancing their knowledge in the fields of English, Maths and Science. These subjects are taught fully in English. Cambridge Primary is fit to be implemented in bilingual and English-only schools. It is also compatibile with national curriculums of the countries in which it is implemented. Read more

National programme

In the primary school of Cracow International School students fully follow the Polish curriculum defined by the Ministry of National Education whose contents are integrated with the Cambridge Programme. During the first years of elementary school (1-3), students acquire knowledge and skills during integrated educational activities combining content from different subjects and in the following years (from the 4th grade) they start subject-based learning. After completing each class in the bilingual primary school of Cracow International School, students receive Polish certificates in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education regarding the documentation of the teaching course. Moreover, after completing each Stage of Cambridge programmes, students receive a certificate of completion.


All educational classes at the Cracow International School are conducted in English with the exception of Polish Education (classes I-III) / Polish Language (classes IV-VIII) and content related to the history and geography of Poland (MEN requirements). In practice, this means that students, for example, solve math problems in English, create a description of the experiment in this language or discuss in English elements of their art. Read more


In grades 1, 2 and 3, students of the Cracow International School follow Cambridge Programme and Polish core curriculum in an integrated (blended) way. Classes, except for the Polish language and content related to the history and geography of Poland , are held in English. The content of education at this stage is fully suit to learn by children in English due to lack of advanced terminology, and to basing on the previous experience of students (rounding-up). In practice, this means that, for example, during art classes, students discuss issues related to the description of colours in English, thanks to which they learn two things simultaneously - primary and secondary colours, while also practicing speaking English. Read more

Extracurricular classes

Cracow International School puts emphasis on international education of the highest quality. We would like our students to develop their passions and talents, too, as well as to discover their new interests. That is why, except for Cambridge Primary Programme, the school offers a variety of extracurricular classes. Depending on the number of students interested, our offer will include:
  • robotics
  • ceramics workshops
  • chess
  • Mathematics club
  • journalist club
  • theatre classes
  • dance
  • sports classes


In 2020/2021 school year, Cracow International School, which is a bilingual primary school, has open enrollment for Stages 2-4 of Cabridge Primary, which correspond to grades 1, 2 and 3 of primary school. In case there is a sufficient number of student interested in higher grades, it is possible to open enrollment for these grades, too. Enrollment to bilingual primary school is open throughout the school year, provided that there are places available in the groups. Considering the comfort of students and optimization of the teaching and learning process, the maximum number of students in a stage is 18. In justified cases, this number can be extended to 20.
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Fees and scholarship

See the current fees at Cracow International School Read more

General info

The bilingual primary school of Cracow International School provides education from the first grade of primary school. Each year, there are specially developed educational programmes that combine the requirements of the Polish core curriculum and the assumptions of the Cambridge Programme. Students learn in a bilingual system in an international environment. Groups with maximum 20 children allow for individualization of work with each student taking into account their needs and interests, and for the use of active methods. During the classes, students acquire knowledge and skills thanks to inquiry-based approach, different variants of group work, participation in numerous discussions, debates and educational games. In their daily work with students, teachers use modern IT tools, learning through experience, formative assessment components and other tools valued and used in educational systems around the world. Students also have at their disposal a spacious garden with a safe playground, where they not only spend their free time, but also participate in outdoor activities.


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ENG tel. 789 033 383

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