At Cracow International School, we focus on the well balanced development of our students. We want our pupils to have both time for learning and playing freely, which is very important at preschool age. It is also an invaluable time with regards to language immersion – when children communicate with their teacher in English in natural situations and listen to them, acquiring new vocabulary and understanding of the language.

Preschoolers from younger groups have classes in English and Polish once a day. In addition, each week they take part in rhythmics classes, gymnastics and classes with a native speaker. All classes in these groups last about 30 minutes so that children can maintain concentration and participate in them in the most effective way.

Pre-school students preparing to start school take English classes twice a day, during which they study the  Cambridge Program. Once a day, they participate in Polish-language classes, including annual pre-school preparation, in accordance with the Polish core curriculum. Our Native speaker visits them twice a week, while rhythmics and gymnastics take place once a week. In this age group, the majority of classes last 45 minutes.

Whenever possible, children go outside to play in the large park nearby, or to the playground. During play time there optional extracurricular activities take place according to parents’ preferences.