General info

"Cracow International School" Non-Public Bilingual High School is a school which follows:

  • An international curriculum of Cambridge International AS & A Levels
  • Polish National Curriculum issued by National Ministry of Education (read more in: Curriculum section).

The learning cycle at ‘Cracow International School’ Non-Public Bilingual High School is:

  • 3 years – for students who completed middle schools,
  • 4 years – for students who completed an 8 years long primary school,
  • 3 or 4 years – for international students, decided upon individually on the basis of previous education.

Our students learn within a bilingual system, in an international environment. They attend obligatory and extracurricular classes, and take part in courses, training and workshops which prepare them for their future university education. Moreover, Cracow International School Non-Public Bilingual High School provides students with space for fulfilling their passions and developing their interests. This is done by allowing them to participate in classes extending their knowledge within a chosen scope, and in subject clubs.

The choice is up to you!

Cracow International School Non-public Bilingual High School you can choose:

  • the language of instruction (English-only or bilingual classes)
  • the subjects you do and the scopes of knowledge you develop
  • the type of the final exam you want to take (Cambridge AS&A Levels and/or Polish maturity exam)

"Cracow International School" Non-Public Bilingual High School focuses on providing students with an opportunity to learn to speak English fluently, which allows them to communicate in the language and to make it the language of instruction. Yet, our international high school will allow you to be fully prepared for Polish maturity exam (final exam after high school) and to broaden your knowledge in terms of Polish language and literature, too.