Non-public high school Cracow International School is recruiting for the 2024/2025 school year for a four-year high school. Recruitment has two main stages and consists of a language test and an analysis of the student’s previous educational performance. 

The main recruitment deadline for the first classes is March-May. Throughout the school year, however, supplementary recruitment is carried out for first grades and senior classes – as places become available. 

Documents required in the recruitment process for high school: 

  • Polish primary school students: certificate from grade 7 of primary school + mid-year results from grade 8 
  • students from foreign schools or from Polish schools not implementing the Polish core curriculum: a certificate, a report card or a report containing information about the student’s grades and skills from the previous school year 
  • students of Polish high schools: a certificate from the last completed grade, current educational results

Foreign students are assigned to classes on the basis of separate regulations. 

When enrolling a student in school, the following are necessary:: 

  • a copy or a duplicate of the student’s birth certificate 
  • a copy of a document confirming the PESEL number (e.g., a photocopy of a passport) or the number of another identity card (for students without a PESEL number) 
  • two signed photos for the ID card 


Application for the high school can be made by filling in the following form:

Fields marked with an * are required

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