Teaching staff

Who creates a team of bilingual Cracow International School?

We are teachers of early school education and subject specialists experienced in pedagogical work in a multicultural and bilingual environment. We have high professional qualifications – in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of National Education – as well as language competences allowing for full implementation of the Cambridge programme assumptions in an international kindergarten and primary school.

What are the teachers of the Cracow International School like?

We are characterized by openness, commitment and individual approach to students. We inspire, develop creativity and provoke independent thinking. Together, we create a learning-friendly atmosphere at Cracow International School, motivating to take new educational challenges and supporting the development of social skills of our students.

Why did our staff choose Cracow International School?

We are interested in modern teaching methods. We are enthusiasts who have developed their teaching repertoire in various types of schools and educational systems, gaining knowledge from the achievements of both Polish and foreign schools and pedagogical institutions. Cracow International School gives us space to apply teaching methods that we value, work in an environment that inspires not only students but also us, and to use our skills to create education at the highest level.