In grades 1, 2 and 3, students of the Cracow International School follow Cambridge Programme and Polish core curriculum in an integrated (blended) way. Classes, except for the Polish language and content related to the history and geography of Poland , are held in English. The content of education at this stage is fully suit to learn by children in English due to lack of advanced terminology, and to basing on the previous experience of students (rounding-up). In practice, this means that, for example, during art classes, students discuss issues related to the description of colours in English, thanks to which they learn two things simultaneously – primary and secondary colours, while also practicing speaking English.

This solution allows for full integration of Polish core curriculum and the contents of the Cambridge Programme. All students jointly participate in classes in English, while Polish language education is conducted in two separate groups – one for students who speak Polish, and one for foreigners who learn Polish from a basic or non-native level.

A sample class schedule for students of grades 1 and 2:

*Integrated education = mathematical, scientific, artistic contents etc.

In grades 4-8, Cracow International School students follow Cambridge programme and the Polish core curriculum in groups – English-only or bilingual. This means that part of the educational activities in which the whole class participates is conducted in English, while some lessons, including Science, Mathematics, or (in older grades) – Biology or Geography) are conducted in English or in Polish and English interchangeably depending on the preferences of students and parents. Polish language lessons, as well as Polish history and geography are held in Polish.

Such solution allows for full preparation of Polish-speaking students to state external examinations in Polish (eighth graders state exam), providing them with the opportunity to master educational content also in English at the same time. However, the complementary implementation of Cambridge programme and Polish core curriculum means that students who are not citizens of Poland and those who choose classes conducted exclusively in English can learn the content of the programme taking into account a global perspective primarily.

A sample class schedule for students of grades 4, 7 and 8: