At the Non-public High School Cracow International School you have a real opportunity to choose the type of Matura exam you intend to take. Depending on your interests, abilities or plans for the future, different perspectives open up to you. 

If you decide to take the Polish Matura and pass it at a good level, you will have access to the recruitment processes for universities in Poland. With Polish Matura, you can also recruit for many foreign universities – but you must pass it at a very high level and often meet additional recruitment requirements (entrance exams, exams and language certificates). 

Cambridge As&A Level exams, on the other hand, give you the opportunity to recruit to universities around the world. If you plan to study abroad, As&A Level exams may be a good choice for you. Cambridge exams are demanding, but they are valued and recognized in the world’s universities. Polish universities also respect As&A Level exams – under separate rules.   

During the school year, we conduct career counseling and meetings for students and parents with representatives from universities around the world.