Living Museum of Obwarzanek 😋😍

The Smiling Squirrels 🐿 went on a trip to the Living Museum of Obwarzanek in Krakow, where they learned about the history and tradition of this amazing baked treat. 😌 The Squirrels found out why the obwarzanek has a hole in it and why the sprinkles are only on one side. The children also had the opportunity to prepare their own obwarzanek, shape it, choose a sprinkle and watch it bake. After the amazing experience in the museum, we went for a walk through the streets of Krakow, where we saw the Monument to the Battle of Grunwald, the Barbican, the Florian Gate, until we reached St. Mary’s Church, where we heard the bugle call coming out of the tower. But most importantly, we managed to take a picture with the largest Christmas tree in the city. 🎄 It was decorated so beautifully that we couldn’t miss it. 😍